4 Nutrition Lessons That Can Benefit Anyone


These lessons will benefit anyone who wants to improve their nutrition, regardless of which diet camp he or she falls into.

Who would think sharing an opinion like, “I think eggs are bad for you” could cause people to get out their virtual torches and pitchforks? Yet it happens all the time on websites everywhere, not to mention in person. When it comes to controversial topics, nutrition seems to be on par with politics and religion.

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Operation ‘Own It’ - Update 1

Hey poppets

I posted recently about my aim of getting in better shape and said that I would be using tumblr to keep myself accountable and continue making progress.

The first lot of stats were from 1st August 2014 and so I thought I would do this on a 2 week interval (kind of) and so, on 14th August 2014, here is my progress:


It is clearly slow progress but it is progress nonetheless and based on diet alone as due crazy job time, I have done nothing extra with regards to fitness as yet.

The main change I have made to my diet is to limit my standard lunch time food to the most raw components as possible. This has generally consisted of a pic ‘n’ mix each day of ‘salady’ type leaves, celery, carrot, peppers, baby plum tomatoes, beetroot, blueberries, kale, raspberries, avocado, spinach, walnuts, almonds, baby corn, radish, broccoli and green beans.

I’ve then supplemented this with a source of protein such as various cheeses, chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs or beans and occasionally bulked it out (on training days) with pearl barley, quinoa or bulgar wheat.

It seems to be going ok.

I am still pumped for the exercise element, however, as my chiropractor has this week indicated that I may be able to broaden the types of exercise I can do. He has even suggested I bring a friend or PT with me to a session to discuss a strength and conditioning plan suitable to my needs. Exciting!!!

So… next update will be on or around the 28th – catch ya then! :)

New leggings from Power of Greyskull. Eeeeeee!!!!

New leggings from Power of Greyskull. Eeeeeee!!!!


Just ordered new skates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I’m excited?!?! :D

Operation ‘Own it’

(aka: using tumblr to keep myself accountable)

With the step up in Brawler competition level through ECDX and my ever increasing focus on Team Wales and the Roller Derby World Cup, I am keen to find ways of increasing my level of health and fitness that will keep my chiropractor (and my back) happy. Using that, along with more controlled eating I am hoping to lean out and turn my body into a more efficient derby instrument.

Obviously my recent trip to the states (all the amazing food!) and having an off season has had an impact on my fitness (and waist line), so I decided to collect my stats and used some online tools to figure out my body fat percentage and personal daily calorific needs and set myself on a journey to reach the following goals:

Body fat % - 21% (‘leaner’ end of ‘fitness category)

Weight - 155.3lbs (70.4kg)

My starting stats as of 01/08/2014 are as follows:

Height - 172 cm / 5’ 8”

Weight - 169.7lbs (77.0kg)

Chest - 38 inches

Waist - 32 inches

Hips - 39 inches

Wrist - 6 inches

Forearm - 8.5 inches

Body fat % - 26.89%

Lean body mass - 119.9lbs (54.4g)

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) = 1557.6

Calorific intake needs =  2141.7

These are probably just a bunch of meaningless figures to most of you but the main purpose of my post is simply to set up some accountability for my journey. If I make no progress you are all free to kick my arse (using your typing fingers, of course).

In case you are interested in the stats and calculations used, the online tools are detailed below.

For body fat percentage:


For calorific needs:

The Harris Benedict Equation - http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/harris-benedict-equation/  

Watch this space for an update!

Neck and Head Training to Maximize Athletic Performance


What do head and neck training have to do with improving athletic performance, breathing, and blood flow?
I previously published an article on Breaking Muscle regarding neck and head strength training.It was important then, and yet remains imperative today due to the potential of brain and cervical spine trauma for not only combat sports, but other sports, as well.

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I have thought about neck strength in roller derby for a while and have been getting the TBB A team to do a version of the shrug exercises pre-game whenever I take the off-skate warm up.

It always makes me smile how surprised people sound when they realise quite how much they feel it in the muscles in the top of the back (which obviously connect to the head).

When you think about the nature of the sport and the ease with which some one could ‘jolt’ your neck with an unexpected hit, it makes sense that it would be beneficial to have strong necks, right?

I’m not sure how necessary it would be to train with the weights machines for this particular sport (and I’m not convinced I’ve even seen them in any gym I’ve been in), but you could definitely modify the exercises to incorporate the use of resistance bands.

At the end of the day, the stronger you are, the safer and better you are.

Just something to think about folks.