End of an era… maybe…

So yesterday TBB played Dolly Rockits (which I will say more about in another post) and today we have an intra-league bout between our league teams, Merchants of Menace and the Bruise Birds. And after today those teams are getting redrafted!!!

That means that today could potentially be my last day playing as a MOM! Waaaa! :(

I have bonded so well with my fellow MOMs and while I can see the need for a shake up (people leaving meaning an imbalance between the teams in numbers and in skill) I really hope I don’t have to change! Apart from anything else I was quite forward in suggesting the team colours for MOM and I really don’t look great in purple! ;)

Well whatever happens, today is going to be a fun day and I’m really looking forward to it. Go MOM!!!

Tiger Bay Brawlers vs London Rockin’ Rollers Rising Stars

So Saturday was a long awaited rematch with the LRR Rising Stars.


Last year we were hosted by the London Rockin’ Rollers. The LRR venue, York Hall, was beautiful and querky but between the sizing and slippery factor it was a hard thing for us TBB skaters to contend with. This was back when we were still fairly inexperienced and didn’t think to ask about floor surfaces and such things and so we came a little unprepared, with all of us wearing pretty much the worst wheels for the track. Despite our unpreparedness and inexperience at that point we actually only lost by around 40 points which in the grand scheme of things is 2 bad power jams and so we were pretty happy at the end of it. However, it did leave us wondering… if we had been more prepared and the playing field had been a bit more even (with regards to correct kit, etc), what would the score have been like?


Well on Saturday we found out.


This time round we were without our best jammer, Boba Fettish, our biggest blocker, BB Bombshell and one of our early all-rounders Crash Bandicute. And despite these key players missing from the line-ups we were strong and in control for the whole bout.


There is no doubting that the LRR Rising Stars are strong players who know how to pack a punch. But on the day it appeared that TBB strategy was right on the money and our Zen Bench (controlled by Sian of the Dead and Peril Flynn) kept us cool throughout.


I have to admit that I personally did lose my grip on the Zen momentarily, when I had a running re-acquaintance with the penalty box, but aside from that frustration I totally enjoyed my first extended stint as a TBB travel team jammer.


Credit where credit is due, the Rising Stars did pick up on some of our strategy by the second half and attempted to counter but with blockers like Kid Block, Queen LaQueefa and Thrill Collins in the pack and jammers like Billie Pistol and Hello Reeshii giving them a run for their money, they just didn’t manage to close the points differential and the final score was 254-84 to TBB.


It was our highest scoring bout and our highest winning points differential in our history of bouting thus far. Needless to say we were pleased with the outcome and happy that our unerring team spirit brought us through another bout with smiles on our faces.


Overall, the bout organisers, volunteers, NSOs and refs were pretty damn awesome with the day going off without a hitch and the whole place selling out yet again. And I also have to add that the bout photography produced by Jon Pountney, Simon Ayre and Craig Thomas was pretty spectacular so you should definitely look them up if you missed out on the action.


And after the bout, as always, the Brawlers totally rocked the after party and much dancing and party times were had (along with a few newly acquired bruises for some!).


Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that came to cheer us along on Saturday – we simply would not have the same buzz without you guys and your support is totally and utterly appreciated!


Another successful bout weekend for TBB and another Jolly experience for me. :)

Tiger Bay Brawlers - my league logo and the last travel team selection. Brawler love. <3 

(Photo taken by Simon Ayre)